Déjà Vu – Leaving Melbourne Again

Although our latest adventure had actually started at Phillip Island it was with a feeling of déjà vu that we headed out of Melbourne over the Yarra as we had done this many times before.  Waving goodbye (again) to Melbourne we settled back into the rhythm of travel. Our new plan was to head towards Read more about Déjà Vu – Leaving Melbourne Again[…]

Wentworth what a suprise

After seeing the Murrumbidgee Junction, it was time to see the two largest river systems in Australia join. We left the caravan park and took the River Road, which is a dirt road that follows the Murray River. After following the river for a while we hit the bitumen and went through the town of Read more about Wentworth what a suprise[…]

Murrumbidgee meets the Murray

Looking at the map last night, we realised that we had passed the Murrumbidgee Junction. This is where the Murrumbidgee River flows into the Murray River. So we set about back tracking to go and visit. We looked on the map and realised that we needed to back track about 130km. So we set off Read more about Murrumbidgee meets the Murray[…]

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