Camping at Nindigully Pub

After Karen has had been to the Artesian Spa, we set off out of Lightening Ridge for Nindigully Pub, which is just outside of St George in Queensland. Leaving Lighteing Ridge we turned right onto the Castlereagh highway and headed for the Queensland Border. It didn’t take long to get to the Queensland Border as Read more about Camping at Nindigully Pub[…]

Million Star Camping at Trilby Station

During our down time in the last couple of days we had mapped ourselves out a rough route to travel.  Next stop on our horizon was to be another working station, this one was one we had connected with on Facebook.  Asking around fellow travellers, many people has said that it was well worth the Read more about Million Star Camping at Trilby Station[…]

Found the Ancestors at Broken Hill

Molly has been an excellent vehicle and has comfortably carried us around so far on our trip, on smooth bitumen roads as well as some rather corrugated and potholed patches of land that are called roads.  She has carried us well, but it was time to send her off for a service and make sure Read more about Found the Ancestors at Broken Hill[…]

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