Karen had spotted a brewery last night on our drive Goolwa. So today the plan was to go to the Brewery, have a look at one of the five barrages and a drive around Port Elliot. So it was a leisurely start to the morning, so that we could complete a few last minute jobs.… Read More »Historic Goolwa

Historic Goolwa

This morning while were having breakfast, we spotted a very plump bird that was running through the grasses digging holes in the ground. Neither of us had seen the bird before so we checked Google, which allowed us to match a picture. The bird was a Guinea Fowl. So we went for a drive along… Read More »Mannum


On a much cooler day, we pack up to continue down the Murray. Karen has chosen the path for us to follow today. We leave the caravan park and board the waiting ferry to cross the Murray. This is the first of many times we will cross the Murray today. After travelling at a nice leisurely… Read More »Big Bends and Cliffs

Big Bends and Cliffs

It was going to be a scorcher today, with the temperature for the area to be 41, and with Morgan to be a couple of degrees warmer as it is in the valley. So I got up early, it had been a restless night sleep as it had been warm and went for a wander… Read More »Historic Morgan

Historic Morgan

We awoke to another cloudless day that the area is renowned. We had a brief look through the pamphlets that Karen had taken from the information centre. We then decided to do the tourist drives around Paringa, SA as they were the furthest away at 50kms. So we headed towards Renmark and the hooked a… Read More »Paringa & Surrounds

Paringa & Surrounds

After seeing the Murrumbidgee Junction, it was time to see the two largest river systems in Australia join. We left the caravan park and took the River Road, which is a dirt road that follows the Murray River. After following the river for a while we hit the bitumen and went through the town of… Read More »Wentworth what a suprise

Wentworth what a suprise

It was an early pack up, our fastest yet. We were all hitched up just coming back from having a shower and our next door neighbour wandered across to have a chat. It was a really interesting chat and the adventures he had riding his motor cross bikes in the desert. Well after an hour… Read More »Mildura Bound

Mildura Bound