Well we have been in and around Adelaide for a few weeks now and it is time for us to leave and continue our trip, we will have to come back for a couple of days, just to finish a last few items on Molly and Matilda.

Since we have been in Adelaide, we have been very busy catching up with Friends and Family in the area. It has been wonderful to see everyone and spend some quality time that hasn’t just been for an evening and then runaway like it has been for the last couple of years.

We have spent a lot of time and money in Adelaide in getting Molly and Matilda ready for Outback Travel. Molly has had her suspension upgraded to handle the extra weight as well as having new tyres fitted, the tyres are much more suited to off-road work compared to the original highway tyres that came with her. We have also fitted a roof rack and awning to Molly to help with the quick pack ups and the overnight stops, that we will do in travelling the bigger distances. Matilda hasn’t been left out either, as she has had a battery management system fitted to help monitor the ever-increasing need for power, in charging the cameras and laptops.

While we were in Adelaide we also spent a number of days at some of the beautiful beaches just south of Adelaide, like Silver Sands Beach at Aldinga, Moana and Port Noarlunga. Adelaide has a beautiful place with lots of historical buildings and links to the prehistoric past, this was highlighted by a day at the South Australian Museum. We even spent a few days doing some work and the BAS.

Special thanks to my brother Greg, who took me to the Clipsal event on Sunday. I had a fantastic time with some great company. Clipsal is a fantastic event that has so many things going on both on and off the track.

Well its time to bid Adelaide farewell, we will becoming back to spend some more time in the future.

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